History of Morning Star: 65 Years

In 1957, Mrs. Antonia Hecket of Davenport, Washington gifted her estate through the Spokane Diocese to build a home for boys in need under the age of eighteen.  At the time, it was uncommon for a woman to make and execute estate plans, but Mrs. Antonia Hecket was an uncommon woman.  Not only did she decide what she wanted done with her estate, she also had a clear desire and vision to help young boys who were at-risk.  Because of her, Morning Star Boys’ Ranch has not only survived but thrived over the years and continues to accomplish her goal of caring for at-risk youth by providing a home, programs, resources, and support.  Her vision helps children regardless of gender or age build strong futures.  Morning Star continues to present opportunities to fulfill Mrs. Antonia Hecket’s original desire.