Program Services

Murphy House

Behavioral Residential Services

Morning Star’s Behavioral Residential Services implements best practices in therapeutic treatment services, setting behavioral improvement goals for each youth in four areas: social skills, emotional regulation, education, and permanency. Our youth range in age from 6 to 13.5 years, and services are specialized for boys in the foster system. Residential programming includes individualized safety plans, weekly group therapy sessions, medication management, access to 4-H club, and education enrichment.  When a child graduates from the residential program and is either reunified with parents/kinship or placed in a foster home, they continue to receive a continuum of care through additional programs.  These include: In-Home Wraparound Program, Morning Star Foster Care Services, respite, Case Aide program, and Morning Star Community Services outpatient therapy.

Morning Star Case Aide Program

Prevention Services

Morning Star’s Case Aide Program meets the needs of youth of all genders in the community who require in-home services due to behavioral or developmental issues. Our Case Aides are specially trained staff with certifications in the nationally certified programs Non-Violent Crisis Interventions (CPI) and Life Space Crisis Interventions (LSCI). They provide one-to-one supervision and care to children and their families who have exceptional needs. Services include creating and implementing a behavioral plan, de-escalating stressful situations, teaching, modeling Activities of Daily Living (ADL), assisting to establish positive boundaries and routines, and more. 

Morning Star In-Home Wrap Around Care

Continuum of Care

Morning Star’s In-Home Wrap Around Care provides a continuum of care for children who have graduated from Morning Star’s Behavioral Residential Service and who have transitioned to a foster home or reunified with parents/kinship. The continuum of care includes comprehensive behavioral supports, case management services, monthly respite, and more, with the goal of providing additional stabilization in the home. Services are community-based in the Spokane region. Both specially trained Case Aides and experienced case managers support the youth and foster family with combined years of knowledge and a host of resources to ensure the child’s success.